Heavy Footwear

Найдено 146 предметов.
# ПредметУровеньРанг/Уровень
8459Rookie's Greaves10
25183Without Name11
25184Without Name11
40003Angels of Justice Heavy Boots11
40005Beastly War Boots11
40004Swordsman Long Boots11
28806☆☆Corona Warboots14
23923Without Name21
23924Without Name21
28804Earthguard Fighter Boots21
12523☆Heavy Greaves21
221☆Guardian Boots41
4920☆☆Guardian Boots41
5041☆☆☆Guardian Greaves41
222☆Blessed Chain Waders102
4921☆☆Blessed Chain Waders102
5042☆☆☆Blessed Chain Waders102
36181★Noble Heavy Footwear103
28805☆Violet Corona Boots132
225☆Mithril Greaves183
4922☆☆Mithril Greaves183
5043☆☆☆Mithril Greaves183
36182★Minister Heavy Footwear204
226☆Golden Greaves of the Rose264
4923☆☆Golden Greaves of the Rose264
5044☆☆☆Golden Greaves of the Rose264
35438☆☆☆Corona Warboots305
15698☆☆☆Sunglow Greaves306
36183★Duke Heavy Footwear325
227☆Purgatorian Enforcer Boots365
4924☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Boots365
5045☆☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Boots365
14027☆☆☆Greaves of Blood406
36184★Royal Heavy Footwear426
230☆Stoneblood Sabatons466
4925☆☆Stoneblood Sabatons466
5046☆☆☆Stoneblood Sabatons466
27159☆☆☆Fantastic Heavy Boots506
12551☆☆Greaves of Lion's Rage507
45289★Blooded Honor Heavy Boots556
1884☆Greaves of Aries567
4926☆☆Greaves of Aries567
5047☆☆☆Greaves of Aries567
38653☆☆☆Counterstream Heavy Boots609
1885☆Winged Dragon Scaleboots668
4927☆☆Winged Dragon Scaleboots668
27224☆☆☆Intrepidity Boots668
5048☆☆☆Winged Dragon Scaleboots668
8339★Soul Devourer's Greaves699