Heavy Leggings

Найдено 158 предметов.
# ПредметУровеньРанг/Уровень
8456Rookie's Cuisses10
25171Without Name11
25172Without Name11
39993Angels of Justice Greaves11
39995Beastly Greaves11
39994Swordsman Leggings11
28789☆☆Corona Greaves14
42027★Legacy Angelic Justice Greaves18
42026★Legacy Beastly Greaves18
42025★Legacy Swordsman Leggings18
23905Without Name21
23906Without Name21
28782Earthguard Fighter Greaves21
165☆Guardian Leggings21
12520☆Heavy Cuisses21
4896☆☆Guardian Cuisses21
5016☆☆☆Guardian Cuisses21
166☆Blessed Chain Pantaloons82
4897☆☆Blessed Chain Pantaloons82
5017☆☆☆Blessed Chain Pantaloons82
36157★Noble Greaves103
28783☆Violet Corona Greaves143
167☆Mithril Leggings153
4898☆☆Mithril Leggings153
5018☆☆☆Mithril Leggings153
36158★Minister Greaves204
8327★Vicious Cuisse215
168☆Golden Shins of the Rose234
4899☆☆Golden Shins of the Rose234
5019☆☆☆Golden Shins of the Rose234
12541☆☆☆Heavy Cuisses of the Fallen294
12682☆☆☆Cuisses of Valor304
12683☆☆☆Earthquake Cuisses304
28784☆☆☆Valorous Greaves304
35429☆☆☆Corona Greaves305
36159★Duke Greaves315
169☆Purgatorian Enforcer Pants335
4900☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Pants335
5020☆☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Pants335
12543☆☆Heavy Cuisses of Blood355
14024★Cuisses of Blood Might407
36160★Royal Greaves416
23934Without Name436
23935Without Name436
23936Without Name436
25747Without Name436
25748Without Name436
25749Without Name436
25750Without Name436