Heavy Plate

Найдено 160 предметов.
# ПредметУровеньРанг/Уровень
8451Rookie's Mail10
25167Without Name11
25168Without Name11
39983Angels of Justice Chest Armor11
39985Beastlord Heavy Plate11
39984Swordsman Chest Mail11
128☆Guardian Corselet11
4872☆☆Guardian Corselet11
4992☆☆☆Guardian Corselet11
28838☆☆Corona Cuirass14
42037★Legacy Angelic Justice Armor18
42036★Legacy Beastlord Heavy Plate18
42035★Legacy Swordsman Breastplate18
23896Without Name21
23897Without Name21
28831Earthguard Fighter Cuirass21
12517☆Heavy Plate21
133☆Blessed Chain Hauberk52
4873☆☆Blessed Chain Hauberk52
4993☆☆☆Blessed Chain Hauberk52
36169★Noble Heavy Plate103
28832☆Violet Corona Breastplate122
134☆Mithril Plate123
4874☆☆Mithril Plate123
4994☆☆☆Mithril Plate123
12535☆Iron Plate of Soul153
36170★Minister Heavy Plate204
135☆Golden Crest of the Rose204
4875☆☆Golden Crest of the Rose204
4995☆☆☆Golden Crest of the Rose204
8316★Heavy Plate of Lava225
12653☆☆☆Earthquake Plate304
12652☆☆☆Plate of Valor304
28833☆☆☆Valorous Cuirass304
137☆Purgatorian Enforcer Mail305
4876☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Mail305
35435☆☆☆Corona Cuirass305
4996☆☆☆Purgatorian Enforcer Mail305
8317★Heavy Plate of Phantom316
36171★Duke Heavy Plate325
23931Without Name406
23932Without Name406
23933Without Name406
25742Without Name406
25743Without Name406
25744Without Name406
25745Without Name406
25746Without Name406
139☆Stoneblood Coat of Plates406