Protection Necklace

Найдено 113 предметов.
# ПредметУровеньРанг/Уровень
54774GM Crit Amulet11
38482☆☆☆Amulet of Blessing11
259☆Beast Bone Necklace21
5130☆☆Beast Bone Necklace21
5210☆☆☆Beast Bone Necklace21
12587☆Solid Gold Necklace52
261☆Bison Horn Necklace72
5131☆☆Bison Horn Necklace72
5211☆☆☆Bison Horn Necklace72
27072★LV1 Tide Charm102
262☆Wolf Fang Necklace143
5132☆☆Wolf Fang Necklace143
5212☆☆☆Wolf Fang Necklace143
28798☆Dark Corona Amulets183
28799☆Violet Corona Amulets183
35637☆☆☆Unity Pendant194
27073★LV2 Tide Charm203
8365★Skysunder Amulet215
263☆Tiger Bone Necklace224
5133☆☆Tiger Bone Necklace224
5213☆☆☆Tiger Bone Necklace224
36222★Minister Pendant233
32338☆☆☆Amulet of Blessing254
12595☆☆Red Cloud Necklace264
27074★LV3 Tide Charm304
34004Blue Lucky Star305
34005Red Lucky Star305
8366★Servant's Necklace306
265☆Rhino Horn Necklace325
5134☆☆Rhino Horn Necklace325
5214☆☆☆Rhino Horn Necklace325
36223★Duke Pendant334
36224★Royal Pendant335
30630★Armageddon Asylum404
27075★LV4 Tide Charm405
266☆Dragon Scale Necklace426
5135☆☆Dragon Scale Necklace426
5215☆☆☆Dragon Scale Necklace426
27076★LV5 Tide Charm506
21491Without Name5014
24483★★★Pestle of Nature's Secrets5014
1890☆Fire-eye Necklace527
5136☆☆Fire-eye Necklace527
5216☆☆☆Fire-eye Necklace527
8367★Nature's Breath598
27077★LV6 Tide Charm607
30341☆☆☆Filial Brooch607